What Owen Didn’t Know

A Modern Day Philosophical Fable

A short read but one to savour. Full of insight and depth, yet easily readable and compelling. Advice, commentary and wisdom, all wrapped in a deceptively simple contemporary tale.

David Kerrigan 

About the Book

WHAT OWEN DIDN’T KNOW is the story of Rose Hilsfit and Owen Higgins.  This story begins with a chance encounter between strangers. There are months when nothing much happens, and moments when everything changes.  A short read with an enduring lesson, it deserves a place on every thoughtful bookshelf.



This is a beautiful book; a wonderful story of how fleeting moments can alter the course of our lives. It captures the very essence of life itself and why it is such a gift. Reading this story takes you on a journey of life and love and why we should embrace every opportunity to make a difference. This is a timeless book which once read, keeps on giving. Thank you Lar.

David O'Flynn

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read with many valuable life lessons. The title of the book fits well with the theme of paradox and contrast throughout. It has reminded me to always seize the day and make sure your loved ones know that you love them! Onwards and Upwards Lar

Tony O'Sullivan

I adore this book! It is a beautiful story, full of wisdom and warmth. I would highly recommend this book to everyone I know, readers and non readers alike. Your heart and soul will be enriched after reading, while learning lots along the way! Please keep writing Lar, we need authors like you.

Michelle Scanlon

This book captured so many life lessons in under 100 pages. It used the love of a child, the love between two adults, the love of child for a parent, the love of a parent for a child... all of that to spell out how and what we should prioritize in life.

Scott Kuffel

You could read this book in an hour or so, but you will be referencing and reflecting on its wisdom for a very long time. It's a story. A story that was engaging from the first paragraph. The pace was brisk, but not so brisk as to trip. The prose had a beautifully light, restrained touch. Because the characters were engaging and likeable, in them and through them, wisdom about what's important in life and in relationships shone through.
This is not a self-help book. But it will help those who self-reflect on it.

Pat C.


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