Pebbles of Perception

Being Curious, Building Character and Making Better Choices

I wish most books could be
like this one: honest, interesting, thought-provoking, filled with priceless wisdom and deliver so much value.

Pebbles of Perception provides a short and readable introduction to a wide range of topics that can make a meaningful difference in our lives. These include:







About Laurence

Laurence Endersen spent his childhood in Mallow, a town in the south of Ireland, and now lives with his family in Dublin. Pebbles of Perception is his first book. It is an exploration of the more important decisions in life..

On a brief and brisk journey, Endersen explores a broad range of important life topics including: friendship, the power of listening, having children, fear, adversity, incentives and saving. Pebbles of Perception hones in on the few things that are truly worth a candle and reminds us that, yes, a few good choices can make all the difference.



This book is a must-have for anyone curious about their own life, how they invest in their choices and proactively craft their own character. The author provides a quick, clear and structured road-map to his insights, referencing so many other tested reading materials that it is inspiring to see how he weaves so much into so few pages. To sum up: timeless insights, quality references and personal insights put in a context for more meaningful lives. Bound to resonate with everyone, there is room in every library, travel bag or bedside table for this common sense guide to so many places of interest in life.

The highest compliment I can give is that as I read this book, I continuously found myself stepping back, reflecting, and analysing my own life; past, present, and where/who I aspire to be in the future. Having already recommended it to many friends and family, I believe that everyone, regardless of background or age, would benefit from reading Pebbles of Perception.

Pebbles of Perception is the call to be better. It really is a true gift. It offers the reader the opportunity and encouragement to truly enrich and change their lives, both practically and personally. Filled with unarguably excellent advice on some of the most essential foundations of life. This book is a real treasure that will benefit any generation and all generations to come. I am proud to have it on my bookshelf.

This book provides both a manual for life and an encouragement to live. How to invest and more importantly invest in yourself. It is short yet powerful, and a testament to someone who has taken stock of the journey and provides a roadmap for a 20 year old self. It would be a pity if many 20 year old's did not get to read this - I, for one, wish I could have had. For a first-time author it's a real triumph and a call to be curious. I loved it.

Short snappy and to the point, Pebbles of Perception distils a volume of work into practical advice on how to be the person we want to look back at when our time comes. A very thought provoking and enjoyable read.

This book is all about curiosity, character and choices. It’s about striving to be a wiser and better person every day, executing faithfully with yourself and others, and making the choice for a life you deserve. The author dispenses no magic formula in this brief focused book but writes about the principles we have learned and likely lost amidst everyday distractions. So ,for us, the author resets the compass on those principles This is a book about what is about what really matters and that’s why I think Pebbles of Perception is an important, and valuable, source.


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